Now Available As A Standalone Video Course That You Can Offer To Your Clients By Simply Providing A Facilitator!

It's Not Just A Side Hustle;
It's Hope And The Tools For A New Life On The Outside!

A Quick Overview Of The Entrepreneurship Video Course By Jack Rahaim

Hear From Students From One Of My Recent Classes. This is an unscripted and quickly edited session with an entire class from the Davidson County Jail in Tennessee

I've Also Taught A Graduate Level Class In Leadership, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Culture at NYU To Over 500 Students; Listen To A Few Of Them Talk About That Experience

Who Is This Course Designed For?

'Justice-Involved' Men and Women


Recent Immigrants

High School And College Students

Anyone Looking To Change The Arcs Of Their Lives
Through Learning To Think Like An Entrepreneur

What Corrections Administrators Say:

“I’ve worked with Jack Rahaim for the past three years and, most recently, on the ‘Entrepreneurship Program’ which he developed and teaches at our correctional facility. His commitment to our students, the quality of his Integrated Education and Training (IET) course materials, and the relationships he has built with the students have all contributed to the success of the program. Jack is currently teaching his fifth semester.

This program has captured the attention and passion of the Justice Involved as they talk about it amongst themselves inside their pods, cells and classrooms.  The students meet voluntarily to attend a six-week in depth lecture and review IET materials with weekly assignments; ‘Mr. Jack’ and the ‘Entrepreneurship  Program’ are the new buzzwords in our facility!

I highly recommend Jack and his program to any organization that deals with disenchanted individuals; I have seen this program first-hand and it provides hope, knowledge, a vision and the necessary skills for maximizing ‘SUCCESS'”.

Sybil Pruitt, Director of Education Services – Nashville Sheriff’s Office

“The Entrepreneurship course being offered by Jack Rahaim, in partnership with the NSO, has been a resounding success for our population. It truly rounds out the education piece, connecting our students with a job! Jack is teaching our students how to make their own way. It could be in the form of a full blown business, but more often, it’s in the form of a “Side Hustle.” He emphasizes the way something small can grow into something self-sustaining. The way our students talk to each other about their passions is a true testament to how thought inspiring and farseeing this program is.” 

David Zazworsky – Davidson County Sheriff’s Office –  Education Supervisor

What Our Students Say:

Become Part Of This Effort:

At OutSideHustle, our mission is to spread the philosophy, course design, course content, and techniques for teaching Entrepreneurship to as many individuals as possible. Specifically, we are focusing on educators, counselors and volunteers who share our belief that teaching Entrepreneurship can have a profound impact on the lives of people as they embark on the next phase of their lives. We empower people to teach Entrepreneurship in a way that can make a positive difference in the lives of their students.

Based on feedback from our teaching partners, we are proud to announce the availability of a ‘stand-alone’ video offering of OutSide Hustle-Entrepreneurship. 

This course includes complete video lectures (by Jack Rahaim), an 80-page Student Manual and an 80-page Facilitator’s Guide.

It is intended to be offered locally in your facility with you only needing to provide a facilitator to keep the students on track.

facilitator 'train the trainer' course/ mentor training program

Training/Mentoring these populations requires a sensibility that can make or break the relationship. It not only involves knowing what they’ve learned, but understanding them as people and meeting them where they are. It’s a balance between being a cheerleader and guiding them toward better outcomes. This training program will provide all of the above plus some of Jack’s tips for building rapport with the students and mentees.

Online Skills And Techniques PROGRAM

We’ve all seen teaching/meeting online done done in a soul-crushing, mind-numbing way. I’ve been delivering courses online for years at the graduate level at NYU and to the incarcerated. I can teach you to do it right.


Schedule Jack to speak to your organization and hear first-hand from Jack Rahaim about this remarkable program and how your organization can utilize it to make a difference.


If you manage a corrections facility and are interested in offering an Entrepreneurship program tailored to your needs, contact Jack Rahaim and let’s discuss how we can work to make this happen.