Jack is a native of Massachusetts and has been an Entrepreneur since before there was dust. He grew up the son of an electrical contractor who started that business after serving in the Navy during WWII. Jack saw first-hand the joys and challenges of running a small business.

After graduating from engineering school and getting an MBA, Jack worked for two mind-deadening companies before spending 14 years at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC/digital) where Entrepreneurship was encouraged and rewarded. During his last few years at digital, he was a senior manager in the Artificial Intelligence Technology Group and, in 1987 and 1988 was a featured speaker on the business uses of AI at Harvard University, Stanford University and a number of venues in France and Japan.

In 1993. Jack created Jack Rahaim Consulting where he has consulted to a large number of Fortune 500 Companies as well as leaders in the healthcare industry.

When Jack was approached by NYU to teach a graduate-level course in Leadership and Strategy he began a love-affair with teaching. After receiving the prestigious NYU Teaching Excellence Award and after teaching 26 sections of this powerful course, he stepped back and realized that there was a greater good to be served.

Jack currently teaches Entrepreneurship (as a volunteer) at the Davidson County Jail in Nashville and has recently decided to leverage this effort by teaching others to do it.

Jack’s story is one of having been born into a family that valued education, having a father as role model as an Entrepreneur, parenting two amazing sons who are both successful in their respective fields, and grand-parenting three grandchildren who teach him something new on the average of twice a day.

Jack’s work with the incarcerated is driven by the worn, but still relevant, phrase ‘There but for the grace…’.

Come join Jack in this effort…it will change your life…and many other lives as well.