Think back on the people who have made a difference in your life. Think about how their guidance shaped you and your journey. We have an opportunity to ‘Pay it Forward’.

Training/Mentoring former inmates and the disenfranchised can be a rewarding experience in many ways. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to give back to society by helping those who have been through a challenging time in their lives. By sharing knowledge and skills, mentors can play a significant role in supporting former inmates to re-enter society and become productive members of their communities. Mentoring can also help to break down social barriers and promote greater understanding and empathy between different groups of people.

Secondly, training/mentoring these populations can provide personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Trainers and Mentors can see the positive impact of their work on the lives of their mentees and the wider community. They can develop strong relationships with their mentees and witness their growth and development as individuals. Additionally, mentors can develop new skills themselves through the mentoring process, such as improved communication and leadership abilities. Overall, mentoring former inmates can be a mutually beneficial experience that helps to promote positive change in society.

To do this effectively, however, requires a deep understanding of the role of a trainer and/or mentor, getting clear on our motives, being supportive and offering honest feedback…often at the same time.

We offer two programs:

  • Intensive Train The Trainer Program is designed to completely prepare your volunteers or in-house staff to teach this course. We combine this offering with actual videos of Jack teaching each minute of each class.
  • Mentor training: avoided predictable problems and maximize the impact of your mentors through an intensive training session.

This program will walk you through the mindset, content and approaches critical to becoming a trainer or mentor.

Trainer and Mentoring Training Programs - Contact us to enroll/schedule.