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Consistent with our Mission, I am open to presenting this program to your next conference/organizational meeting. Contact me to discuss my speaking to your organization regarding how you/they can make a difference in the lives of the disenfranchised.
In addition, you can sign up for Introduction To The OutSideHustle Program below.

Interested In Getting Your Organization Involved? Let's do this!

Although we began by focusing on the incarcerated, other communities that would benefit from this approach are:
  • People recently released from prison and looking to change the arc of their lives; 

  • Immigrants who are looking to build a future in there new country;

  •  People who have had major life disruptions/challenges, especially women, and are looking to develop independence and control over their destinies;

  •  Under-served minority groups;

  • Teens

  • etc.

Introduction To The OutSideHustle Program - 90 Minute Live Presentation & Discussion

About OutSideHustle:

I created OutSideHustle in 2023 after observing first-hand how my teaching Entrepreneurship to inmates at the Davidson County Jail was impacting his students. After teaching multiple ‘semesters’, I’ve decided to leverage the content, learnings and technologies so that other organizations can replicate this program for the populations they serve, including inmates, immigrants, women desiring to control their own financial destinies, and others.

Jack Rahaim, Consultant and Educator

  • Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of how Entrepreneurship is being taught to inmates and the impact it is making
  • Participants will hear first hand via video of actual inmate-students discussing their projects and what the course means to them;
  • Major learnngs, pitfalls and solutions will be presented and discussed;
  • We’ll discuss the difference in student circumstances/settings and how to design specifically for them;
  • Participants will understand how to present Entrepreneurship courses remotely using Zoom
  • Session size is limited to 20 students via Zoom with plenty of opportunities for your questions and areas of concern;